Majda Vidakovic
multi disciplinair

A stone, a stone, a stone?                                                                                         
The real and the representation, the everlasting marriage of confusion
Nowadays, more than ever there is a thin line between our interpretation and  experience of something in a space and a photograph of that same thing; ‘Did I see it somewhere or was that just a photo on Facebook?’ The Internet representation is becoming almost identical to the ‘real’ thing; the essence of seeing and experiencing is blurred together as one. However, there seems to be a third layer which I like to explore; what comes after the photographic representation?
In our daily physical lives, the only time we really see something double is looking at a mirror. A mirror gives an identical image when you look at yourself, however what others see is different perspectives and much more than we can see; in other words, they experience rather than just see. Similarly to objects, we experience people only as a reflection, both of themselves and ourselves. However, again there seems to be a third aspect at hand – their version of them selves, our version of them, and the last layer being a mix of these two.
My work is a continuous research of how our Internet lives reflect our daily physical lives, and vice versa; through installations and objects.

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